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I am a 41 yr. divorced young mom of 2 wonderful girls ages 6 & 14 they are my everything.I also have 2 wonderful dogs, sm.female mix almost 12 yrs. old & a smooth haired fox terrier he is 3 1/2 yrs. old.I am a bluegrass state girl & will always be... its my home. I love to do both kinds of gardening (flower & veggie).Plan to grow enough to do some home canning next year I am hoping to anyway because our gardens didn't do so well this past year with to much rain & not enough warm sun.My family & I love to go camping & picnic out on the Eastfork lake beach for a hole day swimming,playing beach games like cornhole,Bochi ball & washer toss.We are a big family for all kinds of inside and outside games.I have a few crafts that I enjoy doing some just more than others lol X-stitching, scrapbooking & painting ceramics or plaster.Love cooking out on the grill no matter what season or weather...it doesn't stop me! I enjoy cooking up tasty meals for my family and friends also sharing recipes...you will find most of these things here in my blog with pics. So enjoy & thanks for stopping by to see what is goin on in my life!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Very first RR That never returned home!

This piece forever will break my heart.... it was my first big RR I ever did and was still in the learning of my stitching & learning how to lay my RR out on my aida. My RR was EMS animal babies...Yes I even added a journal to as I like to do with most of my RR's to learn more about the ladies that stitched on my pieces. Really got into it big time...but this here almost ended my RR days for good....as you will see it didn't! And I am sooooo ever thankfull that I didn't!

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